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3-4 Weeks to Brew Beer

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Choose a beer style from our list to brew using natural ingredients, then leave it with us to brew; once fermented, our team will filter and carbonate the batch. Then return 3-4 weeks later to bottle or keg.

All prices refer to a “per batch” cost, and prices include taxes. A batch produces 6 cases of 24-341ml bottles.

Regular Beer $110 

Aussie Lager 4.5% Alcohol

Clean and crisp, pale coloured, light -medium bodied, mild bitterness, low hop flavour and aroma characteristics.

Canadian Lager 5% Alcohol  

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer.
Clean and crisp with a refreshing finish 

Czech Pilsner 5% Alcohol  

Golden coloured, light bodied classic pilsner style beer. High bitterness, moderate hop flavour and hop aroma characteristics. 

Genuine Lager 5% Alcohol   

Golden coloured, light bodied American lager style beer. Mild bitterness, mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics. 

Lite Lager 4.6% Alcohol

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer. Easy drinking, 
moderate bitterness with a dry finish. 

Niagara Lager 5.0% Alcohol  

Clean and crisp. Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer.  

Mexican Lager 4.5% Alcohol  

Pale coloured, light bodied Mexican style beer. 
Mild bitterness, hop flavour and aroma characteristics with a dry finish. 

Super Dry 4.6% Alcohol  

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer. Subtle impression of hops with no residual bitterness 

Zacks 4.0% Alcohol  

Pale coloured, light bodied American style beer. Mild bitterness with a pleasant finish. 

Beechwood 4.4% Alcohol  

Pale coloured, light bodied American style beer. Easy drinking with a dry finish. 

Canadian Pilsner 2 5% Alcohol  

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer.Mild bitterness, slight hop flavour aroma characteristic.

India Pale Ale 5% Alcohol 

Amber/copper coloured, light bodied American style beer. Smooth, high bitterness, hop flavour and aroma characteristics. 

Premium Beer $115

Colonels 6.0% Alcohol   

Pale gold coloured, light bodied Munich style lager. High bitterness, high hop flavour and refreshing aroma characteristics.

Moose Lager 5.0% Alcohol  

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer. Moderate bitterness and mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics. 

Keiffer Pale Ale 5.0 % Alcohol  

Light coloured, light bodied Canadian Specialty style beer. Moderate bitterness, mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics. 

German Lager 4.6% Alcohol

Clean and crisp, pale amber coloured, light bodied and moderate 

Royal Red 5.0% Alcohol  

Ruby red coloured, medium bodied Canadian style beer. Moderate bitterness, mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics. 

Premium Plus Beer $130 

Brown Ale 5.0% Alcohol

Brown coloured, medium bodied brown ale style beer. Mild bitterness, hop flavour and aroma characteristics.

English #2 5.0% Alcohol

Brown coloured, light-medium bodied pale ale style beer. Smooth with mild bitterness, moderate hop flavour and mild aroma characteristics.

Dortmund Style Lager 5.6% Alcohol

Golden coloured, light-medium-bodied Dortmund/export style beer. Moderate bitterness, mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics.

Canadian Specialty #1 5% Alcohol  

Golden coloured, light bodied Canadian style beer. 
Moderate bitterness, mild hop flavour and  distinct flowery aroma finish. 

Ultra Premium $150 


Dutch Lager 4.7% Alcohol

Light coloured, light-medium bodied classic pilsner style beer. Moderate bitterness, mild hop flavour and refreshing aroma finish.

Creed Lager 5.0% Alcohol  

Golden coloured, light-medium bodied Canadian specialty style beer. Mild bitterness and hop flavour and high aroma characteristics.

Irish Stout 5.0% Alcohol

Black coloured, medium bodied stout style beer. Moderate-high bitterness, mild hop flavour and aroma characteristics.

Ultra Premium (All Grain) $155 


The Ultimate Taste of Full Grain

India Pale Ale All Grain 5.7 % Alcohol

Moose Lager All Grain 5.2% Alcohol

Stellar Pilsner All Grain 5.3% Alcohol 

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